Candace Kicks Cancer #CKC

Please join us to help support Candace as she is currently undergoing chemotherapy for triple negative breast cancer, Candace was recently informed that the cost of one of the medications she is being treated with-Xeloda-was being increased to an astronomical $6,000 per month.

Even with insurance, patient discounts, and community services designed to help offset the costs associated with cancer treatment, Candace cannot afford the cost of this treatment, which is essential, as it is among the last options remaining for treatment with hope of remission.

Candace has been a tremendous power for positivity and kindness in the community for many years, and has helped so many in their times of need. Now, it's Candace who needs the help-let's show her the same love she has shown so many of us over the years. Join us Saturday June 17th 2017 from 1pm-5pm at South Lyon Aubree's Pizzeria for a family fun filled benefit!

Please visit Candace Kicks Cancer Benefit on Facebook and join the growing community of support!

Candace Kicks Cancer Benefit June 17th 2017 Aubree's Pizzeria
South Lyon, MI